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Race Team Manager – Competition Website

A competition website for Builders Merchants.

A PHP platform was built to run the site, using algorithms to work out the results in real-time for both the team competition and the individual drivers’ challenge.

Each store taking part answers F1® based multiple choice questions to give a solution to the stressful situations of a real Race Team Manager, a new set of questions is released with each race.

Following the order of the European GrandPrix season, the questions are set by a specialist in motorsport with the answers agreed by an expert panel.

Question 1

Baku in Azerbaijan is the latest addition to the Formula 1 calendar. It’s new to all the drivers so, apart from simulator running, they have no experience of the circuit. The track is very dusty an the first practice session and grip levels are at a minimum. One of your drivers is happily circulation but you are concerned he could go off and damage the car. The track will get better, so the driver will have time later to get some running in.

What do you do?

Question 2

Air quality in Baku is known to be poor and one of your drivers isn’t happy about being here because if it. He makes his opinion known to the press and even threatens to boycott the race.

What do you do?

Question 3

One of your drivers is running inside the top ten when they make their final pit-stop. An error within the team results in the wrong tyre being fitted on the right-front of the car. The other three tyres are correct. The driver is sent on his way but the team realise their mistake immediately. The rules and regulations suggest the driver must pit on the next lap to get the correct tyre fitted, but this will lose them the top ten finish and subsequent points.

What do you do?

A top eight finish, or the lucky winner of a Wildcard, is awarded a place in the live Grand Final.

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